Interview: Scott Barnes Celebrity Makeup Artist

Interview:  Scott Barnes Celebrity Makeup Artist

Makeup artist to the stars, Scott Barnes, A.k.a. the man behind Jennifer Lopez’s iconic look – “The Glow”. He has over 450 magazine covers of such leading magazines as Allure, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire to his credits and has worked with A-List celebrities from J Lo to Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson to Beyonce. His work is instantly recognizable: fresh, glowing women who exude confidence and a fierce tan.

FSHN: What is the inspiration for your book new book “FACE to FACE” and who is included in the book?
S.B : My first book ABOUT FACE has been translated into 7 languages—so it is a worldwide guide on how to achieve and perfect some of my techniques. My new book FACE to FACE is inspired by my move to Los Angeles, my cosmetic line and showcasing the endless ways you can transform—the possibilities are endless!

FSHN: What are your rules of a perfect makeup?
S.B: Beautiful Skin with the most flawless foundation! I love using brushes to perfect the look, they really make it easier to create a flawless finish on the skin.

FSHN: What are your “Must Haves” beauty products?
S.B:  Naphcon A Eye Drops! Eyes will be itch free and stunningly white!

FSHN: Any advice on bringing that Glow to the face?
S.B:  Contour and Highlight. I made my technique famous on Jennifer Lopez—I call it “lit from within.”

FSHN: What is the best way for a woman who has minimal time to incorporate some of your principles into her daily makeup application?
S.B: Practice, practice, practice! Once you get it down, it really does become second nature and is a very quick process.

FSHN: How do you fake perfect skin?
S.B: Blend, Blend, Blend! Also you don’t have to use a ton of foundation. It’s really about using products where you need them—not putting on a mask.

FSHN: How did you decide to launch your own cosmetic line?
S.B: The public really wanted it! It has truly been a labor of love–I can’t wait for the launch of the full color line in the Spring  of 2015.

FSHN: Tell us about you cult favorite product—Body Bling?
S.B: I created Body Bling to give an instant tan and luscious glow. With Body Bling you are able to stay out of the sun—thus saving your skin from future damage and still achieve a perfect glowing tan!

FSHN: Can you share with our readers on how to create Jennifer Lopez look?
S.B: In my first book ABOUT FACE I go through several techniques on creating a glow on the skin. I have women of all colors and ethnicities showcased in the book. No matter who you are, you can take your canvas and enhance it with makeup.

FSHN: How did you get into fashion industry?
S.B: My career began as a Renaissance painter attending the School of Parsons in New York where I picked up my love for shading and use of light diffusion. Soon after I was working as an assistant in a photo studio. I was able to use my knowledge as a painter and time as a photo assistant and apply it to the art of makeup and faces.