International Modeling sensation Dannie Riel stuns crowds and impresses industry giants at 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon, launches new website and fashion label.

TORONTO, Feb. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Canadian born Dannie Riel proved a major drawcard at this year’s 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) for industry giant and major Japanese aftermarket parts manufacturer TRUST Company Ltd. and their international subsidiary, Greddy. It was in part thanks to Dannie Riel that TRUST won the highly coveted “Best of Show” award at this years event.

Riel’s exotic French / Chinese looks coupled with her effervescent character and impeccable fashion sense not only endeared her to visitors of the show but impressed management at TRUST Company Ltd. who are now looking for opportunities to further Riel’s modeling portfolio internationally.

Visitors and industry professionals at the Salon were dazzled by Riel’s charm, sophistication and style. Dannie is no stranger to the upper echelons of this industry having worked with the best of the best; gracing the pages of internationally renowned publications such as PAS Magazine in Canada along with Import Tuner and D-Sport magazines in the United States.

Her natural poise and stunning looks have also enabled Japanese tire manufacturer Toyo Tires to expand their vision internationally by having Riel as the spokesmodel for their products.

Japan has provided a spiritual calling for Riel at this phase of her professional career and she positively glows at the thought of returning, “The reaction from the Japanese was amazing. I wasn’t used to the hundreds of cameras following me, everywhere I went. I was very well received and can’t wait to come back again!”

The TAS is the second largest event of its type anywhere in the world, this year drawing crowds of over 300,000 people. It’s an event that suited Riel’s modeling style perfectly and her unique and energetic approach to keeping visitors entertained made her the stand-out model among hundreds of young models at the event.

Dannie Riel is without question, one of the most popular automotive models in the world with a fan-base on Facebook alone that is over 380,000 people strong. Her new website, launched in January this year, has been built to further allow Riel to connect to her fans and features, among many things, her new fashion label; D. Riel Apparel.

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