Honey for deep sleep repairs

One of the most important and yet sometimes not know ways to get a good night sleep in addition to the afternoon sun rays is a teaspoon of honey before turning off the light when going to sleep.

This is a great way to fall asleep fast without taking any pills. Honey has been used to heal wounds that just would not close on people and animals.

Marine Mammal centre is one of the places that value honey as a go-to after all else fails to heal injuries that sea creatures have after rescuing them from the sea or the beaches.

Cleopatra used honey to heal her scratches from walking on the ground.

Bears are using honey as the source to survive long winters and so do the bees and wolfs.

Now Replete offers travel size iBio Seasonal Honey that can go with you anywhere you are and give you a beauty night sleep according to the season.

There are choices of flavor such as roses, lavender or rosemary from private garden of Replete founder. What a beautiful way to share the harvest with each other during this isolating times of Covid-19.