Hermès SS15 @ Paris Fashion Week: Men

Hermès – Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Paris (with interview)

A charming nonchalance in the new Hermès men’s collection.Despite the rain that falls on the gardens of the Ecole de Medecine, the Hermès collection still exudes a solar energy, in particular brought from the abundant prints which constitute this summery men’s wardrobe. Graphic or floral themes adorn jacket shirts, buttoned t-shirts and large or narrow jogging bottoms. A lightness is also present in jackets or sweatshirts in a cotton calque canvas effect, or spinnaker canvas windbreakers. A knitted nubuck leather jumper and croco hooded sweatshirts demonstrate once again how this label holds savoir-faire in this realm. The palette of colours, composed of white chalk, sand and slate is brightened up by cumin, eucalyptus, and pumpkin orange, creating a beautiful effect. Veronique Nichanian renders these men, who walk sheltered from the rain by the arcades of this old cloister, elegant with a seductive nonchalance. Interview : Veronique Nichanian Head of men’s line: At the beginning, there were lots of suits which are always important but they were mismatched, or with double-breasted jackets as well. In summer you want to show more shirts, show outfits that are perhaps more supple and lighter than suits. I always have a lot of prints in the collection, I more or less show them on the runway but here what was interesting was mixing them up, I found that this made a new energy, with graphic prints as well as prints of flowers, ikats, so there you go. Knitted leather is truly a technical prowess, and it produces a leather stitch that is very new, very original and very light. Nonchalance, the way you walk through the city in summer or when you’re on holiday, it’s a much more flexible attitude I would say, and so a work on the proportions that are quite large, high, thin at the bottom or the opposite, always playing with the proportions.