« Simplicity is complexity resolved»

Constantin Brancusi

The body is a messenger of expressions.

By giving the image of a moving body preference over a rigid academic pose, I seek the truth that nature offers us, and depart from norms.

Within a single collection, I unconsciously link together different periods in the history of art, from Michelangelo to Rodin, and, nearer our days, from Rodin to Brancusi.

Brancusi, with his ovoid sculptures, inspires me to aim at anatomic precision, symbolizing the birth of the world. Thus, monumental, yet slender dome gazar and faille dresses come into being, along with flowing hoods shaped like proud manes or pure gold halos surrounding the bust.

Asymmetrical, the silhouette is deliberately incomplete. An organza flame arises red from a hip, or white from a breast. Like marble sculptures, other sparks shoot out of a Coupole skirt like the “bird in space” sculpted in 1923.

A long strapless sheath dress in white wool crêpe like a column of Carrara marble is draped in an ellipse. Powerfully expressive, the hand carves gazar vales, collars become cloudy, the bustles of a skirt turn into a bronze storm.

Like Rodin’s studio, with its immaculate plaster moldings, this summer 2017 collection is sculptural, eternal and timeless, but never rigid, either in time or space.

Photos Courtesy of Stephane Rolland