by Stacy Camacho | Photos: Getty Images

Haute couture is about being creative, expressing yourself, and having fun. Makeup is no different. It’s actually perfect to explore. Haute couture makeup is daring—so go ahead and dip your brushes! Paint daringly. Create bold looks. Experiment with different techniques. Don’t you just love seeing makeup transformed into artwork? The face is the ultimate canvas for makeup artists to design something magnificent. Every single one of these looks showcased here is like a painting. What was going through the artists’ minds when they were creating masterpieces like these? Luckily, these living works of art can be preserved in stunning photographs for everyone to admire.

1. ALTERIER VERSACE Autumn/Winter 2014
Atelier Versace Haute Couture Autumn 2014
To recreate this dramatic eye makeup, begin by using navy cake eye liner to line the crease, carrying it outwards until it is winged. This is a modernized version of the 1960s baby doll or Twiggy eye, so named for the model responsible for creating this eye look. Don’t forget to wing the eyeliner past the eyebrows. To build contrast on the eyelid, highlight the eyes with frosted dark turquoise. To perfect this look, apply long, voluminous falsies. Rock this look by wearing black, navy, or dark brown. In terms of wardrobe, you can even integrate lace into the ensemble to really enhance the eye makeup.

2.DIOR Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2010
Christian Dior Haute Couture SpringSummer 2010 Created by John Galliano
Notice this fabulous artwork that is makeup. It is well-blended with white foundation to gave it a geisha look. As you can see, the white makeup isn’t heavily applied to the face. It isn’t sheer, and it isn’t opaque. It is the correct combination of the two extremes of intensity. The powdery baby blue eyeshadow is great contrast to the black of the winged eyeliner that extends nearly to brows, and it begins at the center of the lids. Let’s not forget the voluminous, long false eyelashes to cmplete the eye look. Isn’t it just intriguing? To complete this Christian Dior Haute Couture theme from the Spring/Summer 2010 look created by John Galliano, full, bright red lips are essential.

3.DIOR Haute Couture – Galiano Style
If you’re someone who isn’t afraid to be daring, then this is a high fashion look you’ll definitely want to recreate. If you love long, lustrous lashes, this will become your next favorite. Apply matte orange eye shadow on the crease with silver placed on the eyelids all the way down to the bottom lash line. Trace black eyeliner on the upper lash line. Let’s not forget about those lashes! Envy super long lashes? How about spider lashes? Carefully adhere spider lashes on the bottom lashes under the silver eye shadow. As for those lips, a pinky-nude base with subtle gloss pairs perfectly with this look. Simply mesmerizing!

4. DIOR Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2014
Dior Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2014
Don’t you just love frosted, textured lips? This is a look that can be worn when you are out on a date, street style, or out with your girlfriends. Be daring! Pair plum lips with outfit that consists of neutrals: black, white, tan, beige, pale pink, or pastel pink. The latter will totally bring out the hue of the lips. To create the illusion of fuller lips, when lining the lips with a lip liner, make sure to line just outside of the lips, instead of marking on the lips. Or, you can contour the cupids bow part of the upper lip. Remember, black enhances the color, while white tones down the shade. Keep the eyes clean—mascara and eyeliner are all you need. Apply the liner by using the tightliner technique. This gives the illusion of full lashes. Now that’s a haute couture-friendly look!

5. CHANEL Haute Couture F/W2014
Chanel Haute Couture Auture Autumn Winter 2014
This cat eye is so retro, so1950s. Notice how the inner eye has a thinner line, and as you extend the liner, it thickens.This is so 50s, so Elizabeth Taylor, so Ava Gardner—so superb.The only difference now is the top line is a bit thicker.The best way to create the “winged” effect is to extend the line past the outer eye, where it ends. Or, fold a tissue and place at the outer corner of the eye and use it as a ruler.The type of eyeliner to use that is simple, yet just as effective is cream eyeliner or cake. To update this classic look, add glitter to the bottom lash line.Who doesn’t love glitter or sparkles? This particular eye look isn’t really about lashes, so falsies are out, and mascara is in. It’s all about what you are wearing on your lids. As always, pair this look with a matte pinky-nude lipstick. Spice up your look with eye glitter the next time you head out with your girlfriends to a party or club, and have fun making a dramtic entrance.

6. CHRISTIAN LACROIX Dior Haute Couture 2008 – Galliano
The first thing that comes to my mind is that this piece of art looks just like a painting. As with all the other beautiful pieces, this exquisite piece looks just like a painting, suing the face as a canvas, instead of a traditional sense of canvas, such as paper on an easel. The colours are so vibrant with bright turquoise that has been placed all over the eyes and a black line under the lash line, the pink blush, subtle glossy lips. I get the impression the artist must have been happy when creating this look, or simply in a good place in their life. Perhaps, the reasoning is because it just doesn’t look dark or depressing.