Eva Minge HC RF17

Haute Couture FW – Ewa Minge F/W 2018 Collection

Inspired by the ancient gypsy fables, Ewa Minge for her Couture Fall-Winter 2017/18 collection, “Fairytale” transports us into an enchanted, joyful and dancing world.

Multi-colored and multi-layered silhouettes, numerous details and accessories evoke the rich and singing world of this culture.

On many garments appear embroideries and butterflies, which were created by the “students” of the Black Butterflies Foundation as part of the art-therapy.

Indeed, under the eye of the designer and for several months, women who fight against cancer have made “small works of art” from pearls. And as they say, these butterflies helped us to pass this difficult time during treatment and transported us to another wonderful world where everything is possible.

Art helps to keep the disease away; these women will be present in Paris to attend the parade and see their butterflies fly into the great capital.

In this fashion show, Ewa Minge wants as well to present a model “Plus-Size” because she creates for all women and beauty does not have sizes…

Photos Courtesy of Ewa Minge