Grab That High Horse While You Can

In every woman’s wardrobe, there should be a silk scarf. This has been my new obsession and I have pined in stores and online to find that perfect, expensive, timeless scarf. Hermès, the iconic designer, comes to mind. And while I have perused through their scarves, none stopped me in my tracks. As much as I love how regal and royal they look, they appear too old and mature around my neck or wrapped around my purse. In fact, I come across this problem with most silk scarves. They exude sophistication and style but they don’t suit my personality or age; that was until Hermès met Comme des Garçons’s Japanese designer, Rei Kawabuko.

Silk Scarf

The anticipated release of these avante-garde yet timeless scarves are a sight to be seen. These mix polka dots, bold colors, and different shapes with the traditional chivarlrous Hermès designs. They are bright and promising with an air of youthful ambition that seems ideal for twenty to thirty year olds. They aren’t too old, or too pretentious. They can turn a bland outfit to a show stopping one. “Live free with strong will”, Rei Kawabuko’s moto, adds lively-hood, motivation, and personality to the scarves. During our twentys, we are striving to create our name and individuality, and these scarves can help distinguish us from the rest. Because of the patterns and material, these scarves give us sophistication and respect without washing out our personalities. Additionally, if a conservative dress code is followed at work, wrapped around your neck or purse, these masterpieces give your outfit a splash of personal expression. They are a way we can establish ourselves in our workplace, our surroundings, and our personal life.

These scarves also symbolize hard work and dedication. They are expensive and are extremely limited. Only 200 scarves per design will be made and they are being slowly released around the world. Comme des Garçons has released them in Europe and New York. They reported that their stores are busier than ever and their online sales are booming. Hermès will not be carrying them in stores. Thus, these scarves are highly sought after but not easy to obtain. (Forbes)

Whatever your reason is for finding that perfect scarf, whatever age, twenty or wishing you were, the ambitious, powerful combination of Comme des Garçons and Hermès might be just the perfect one you are looking for. They exude power, creativity, and style. They are limited in quantity, making them instant collectors items. These bright scarves add inspiration and are the perfect little accessory to add to your daily outfit. They are full of life and promise and I hope to soon be sporting around one of these works of art.