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Piera Van de Wiel Singer-Songwriter and founder of Stronger With Music that promotes the importance of Music and Mental Health and Music and Social Impact. The company works globally with NGOs and has performed and spoken at UN-sponsored events: International Women’s Day launch of STEAM (inclusion of arts and culture in the world of STEM) with Aspire Artemis Foundation and sponsored by Mission of Djibouti and performed and spoke at the Regional Caribbean STEAM & Innovation Symposia in St Lucia with UN Women, Microsoft and Aspire Artemis Foundation. 
The 1st September 2020 marked the 1st Year Anniversary of Hurricane Dorian.  Hurricane Dorian, the strongest storm to ever hit the Northern Atlantic hit the island of Abaco, Bahamas, on the 1st September 2019. 85% of all property was either destroyed or made uninhabitable and the struggle to rebuild continues.
Piera has called the Abacos home since she was 7 months old. Her song “Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song)” has been raising awareness and funds for the last year. The song received the Silver Medal of Outstanding Achievement in “Listener Impact” at the Global Music Awards. This Anniversary Edition Music Video was a Finalist for Best Music Video at the Independent Shorts Awards, Quarter Finalist for Best Music Video at the Los Angeles Film Awards and also officially selected for the Arts x SDGs (sustainable development goals) Festival and remains on the film festival circuit to provide global reach and aid. She has performed globally to raise awareness. She performed at the Hope for Abaco Benefit Concert in Florida in December, which raised 90K.
Watch the Anniversary Edition Music video for “Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song) here:

Please consider offering aid and donations, they still need your help. Please donate to Abaco Strong a 501(c)(3). Their mission is to enable the rebuilding of sustainable businesses and communities in the Abaco Islands.

Van de Wiel is using her voice to empower global causes, and during this year of Covid-19 she has also directed her efforts into raising awareness of the shadow pandemic of Domestic Violence.
Her single “Used” is raising awareness for domestic violence. She is highlighting the work of the United Nations Trust Fund To End Violence Against Women.
“Used” is a song that is an emotional rollercoaster of how one can feel so safe where you let your barriers down only to feel used, abused, and taken for granted but ends with a lasting positive message of strength and hope.

UN secretary general António Guterres tweeted on 6 April: “Many women under lockdown for #COVID19 face violence where they should be safest: in their own homes. I urge all governments to put women’s safety first as they respond to the pandemic.”

The United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women

Let me highlight several examples of the UN Trust Fund’s work focused on COVID-19 crisis situation that speak eloquently to the challenges that beneficiaries and organizations are currently facing.

As a global grant-giving mechanism they specialize on ending violence against women, they also provide a birds-eye view of the challenges that civil society organizations face across the globe.

Piera at the UN Waman Innovation Symposium at St Lucia

This shadow pandemic needs to be addressed and we need to give ourselves active tools in order to help these victims. Van de Wiel mentioned the Canadian Women’s Foundation Tik Tok video that went viral when a woman is seen having a call with her friend and performs a specific hand gesture. This gesture is a distress signal, and we need to be bringing it to the forefront of our attention to victims and also to people over the world who can recognize it and can offer help.

Hand signal for domestic Violence seeking help

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Piera Van de WielSinger Song-WriterFounder of Stronger With Music