Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Collection Autumn Winter 2014-15

Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Collection Autumn/ Winter 2014/15 (with interview)

Winter could be spring at Giambattista Valli, in this seventh haute couture collection!Giambattista Valli makes women both gracious and desirable, by applying to his haute couture some masculine codes. He has fun in mixing stripes with flowers on jackets with frilled tails and embroidered wisteria, or for example even by adding luxury pyjama trousers. Shirts are worn on dresses which hang at the hip, or worn over a frilly tulle ball skirt in an evening version. The 3D embroideries bring modernity to these flowery women. Femininity is emphasized by transparency at the bottom of a spangled stripy skirt, matched with a lacy top embroidered with anemones. Winter could be spring at Giambattista Valli in this 7th haute couture collection! Interview: Giambattista Valli: The couture shirt was actually part of my first haute couture show. In fact, I had put the white blouse in and then after I saw a woman wearing it with a long skirt for a dinner, and I found that this was really pretty. I said to myself then, its divine, we can make the white shirt, the pyjamas… in fact make up a whole universe for this woman who wakes up next to this man and who goes outside to walk around the Alhambra gardens, for example. Because I drew my inspiration from this in terms of the botanical part of this collection. So she wears her man’s pyjama bottoms along with the couture shirt from the night before, or his dressing gown worn over last night’s dress, and she goes downstairs to go for a walk. The wardrobe was influenced by this love story between both of them. I still love this three dimensional effect, and this effect of making everything alive, there are some 3D fabrics with jacquard, cut thread, wrinkling, things like that, and on top of that are three or four different types of hand-stitched embroideries, which really delivers this accumulation of stories. Without my ateliers and my assistants I would be nothing. I could have all of the fantasies in the world and not be able to achieve any of them without my little hands, without the embroiderers,, without everything. We are all passionate, in love with it. I am not a group, I’m independent, I do everything with love and passion.