FSHN – Volume 7, Issue 1

With delight, I welcome my favorite time of the year – autumn. It is the most fashionable time of the year too. If you are living in the Northern Hemisphere, you can combine fabrics and colors in the autumn light. If you are welcoming spring in the Southern Hemisphere, the color spectrum is opposite, yet you can still mix fabrics just the same. Therefore, traveling now is easy. You can travel light and still have many options. No extremes to conquer with wardrobe demands.

Go outside and enjoy the sun’s rays that make us happy. In so many countries red carpets roll out to host cultural moments to remember. The opera and symphony open for the season and with those beautiful ballgowns to admire. A touch of elegance is needed in every life, no matter at what scale. Elegance wakes up the dreamer in us for more joy and a better life.

Much Love,
Elisabeth Thieriot

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