Written by Mary Kluck

 Life has its ups and downs, and Brian Thompson, more popularly recognized as Stealing Oceans, can attest to that. Brian’s pursuit of music allowed him to overcome years of addiction, and he’s now committed to spreading his message to others. Many of Stealing Oceans’ lyrics espouse positivity and self-care, with the goal to inspire their audience.

Stealing Oceans is incredibly committed to giving back – they practice what they preach. Not only do the regularly host charity events, but they raise money and awareness for diseases from Cystic Fibrosis to destigmatizing mental health. They went so far as to release a single, “Self Care”, highlighting the journey towards sobriety.

In addition to their deliberate altruism, they’re mastering a unique hip-hop sound. Influenced by artists like Macklemore, Gym Class Heroes, and Jon Bellion, they continue to hone their skills through an extensive tour. Stealing Oceans excels in concert; their live shows are an experience not to be missed… Nashville Industry Music Awards has nominated them “Best Live Act” three years in a row. 

I recently had the opportunity to talk to the band Stealing Oceans and learn more about their positive motto, their exciting music and their upcoming show at Kaaboo…

Mary Kluck:  You’ve had a busy summer, how’re you holding up with the heavy tour schedule?

Stealing Oceans:  Enjoying every minute of it but it’s been tough. I recently took a trip to the ER in Stockholm following the final gig of our Europe run with a bad throat infection brought on from exhaustion. I’m good now though, looking forward to these months run in the states!

MK:  What made you decide to pursue a music career?

SO:  When I was the kid, my brother introduced me to the Smashing Pumpkins. I’ll never forget opening up the cd booklet for Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness for the first time and getting lost in the artwork. I stood in front of my brother’s cd player and memorized the lyrics to, Bullet with Butterfly Wings. From that moment on, I wanted to be a musician.  

MK:  You’re playing Kaaboo Music Festival, which combines music, art, comedy, and cuisine, what else are you looking forward to checking out there?

SO:  There are a bunch of bands and artists that I’m excited to see- Foo Fighters, N.E.R.D, Halsey, Nelly, Wiz Khalifa and Stone Temple Pilots to name a few.

MK:  What can fans and newbies expect from your set at Kaaboo?

SO:  Lots of energy and smiles. It’s our first major festival and we’re hyped! We’ll be playing some new tunes and have a few surprises planned..

MK:  Your tour has been taking you through Europe and small-town America, any standout experiences?

SO:  We played a small town in Sweden called Örebro. After the gig, an older lady approached me and pulled me into her arms. She started crying while telling me that my music was healing for her. She asked me to sign her arm and said she was going to get it tattooed the next day. I’m not sure if she ended up getting the tattoo but I was blown away that music I wrote with my friends back in the states reached people overseas.

MK:  Tell us something you’re scared of?

SO:  Bees. It’s my mom’s fault. Growing up I watched her run and scream when a bee flew around her and it rubbed off on me. Thanks, mom!

MK:  Clearly positivity is a central tenet of your life and shows through your lyrics.  Can you describe your songwriting process?

SO:  I write from experience and each song has its own process. I never put a time limit on when a song needs to be completed- if I lose the vibe I walk away until I’m inspired to go back. Some songs start with a melody idea and others come from a freestyle.

MK:  How did you choose the name Stealing Oceans?

SO: I love the ocean and the beach has always been my favorite place to be. Standing in the sand looking out at the horizon brings a peace and serenity I don’t get anywhere else. I came up with the name with help from my first mentor in Nashville, Trey Bruce.

MK:  Your current single, “Follow The Lights”, has a video that features – Boy Scout Billy- were you in boy-scouts or have you spent lots of time outdoors.” 

SO:  I was not. Boy Scout Billy represents the childhood I didn’t have. I struggled with depression, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts for most of my teen years. I got in a lot of trouble and eventually got sent away to a military-style boarding school. Billy represents an innocence that I never experienced.

MK:  You cultivate a unique live experience and have been nominated 3 years for “Best Live Act” – any other acts you look to for inspiration?

SO:    Dave Matthews Band, Atmosphere, Sage Francis, Jon Bellion, Logic, Mutual Groove and Kipp Wilde to name a few.

MK:  Not all bands have a motto, what made you decide to have one, “Stay Youthful, Be Grateful and Always Love and how do you get that message out there beyond music?”

SO:  I was inspired by Logic and his motto- peace, love, and positivity. I loved the idea of having something that represented the music and the band. 

MK:  What is your pre-show ritual?

SO:  Vocal warm up, drinking a la Croix, reading my gratitude poem and huddling it up with the band. In the huddle, we usually talk about how lucky we are to be doing what we love for a living and that it is our job to give everything we have on stage.

MK:  What’s next for Stealing Oceans?

SO:  After this run of shows we plan on spending most of November and December in the studio. We have 3 singles on deck to be released and there have been talks about making an album.

For more info on Stealing Oceans:

Here is the ticket link to get your tickets https://www.kaaboodelmar.com/get-yours






Website: http://stealingoceans.com/