FSHN Review of Kindhood

Made from 70% sustainable bamboo fiber and 30% cotton blend, these unique ponchos are ultra soft and even have a pouch pocket to keep your hands warm or those special seashell collections safe.

This very comfortable practical and very elegant design to keep children at play outdoor even during the sunniest or cool days by the water. Kindhood is one of the best substitutes along the side with Replete Seasonal Serums to use in the sun, instead of toxic SPF products on children skin.
We have washed the poncho to see what it will feel and look like after it is washed and we discovered that it became even softer and more inviting to wear than a new one. This is a perfect dry coverup for a long day at the beach, pool or by the lake. Since it keeps its shape after a wash, it will last for a season or even few of them.
Kindhood is getting a high recommendation from FSHN.


written by Elisabeth Thieriot