Written By Sharina Bianka


What a night, what a night it was.  Anticipation was very high for one of my favorite movies, Steven Spielberg’s iconic and original dinosaur epic, “Jurassic Park” where dinosaurs roam again on Earth in this ultimate thrill ride.  It was evident that the excitement was also felt by many others in attendance as we all filed into beautiful Davies Symphony Hall on Friday, November 2.  This was not your typical Friday movie night and San Francisco’s best orchestra the SF Symphony never disappoints.  The halls were decked out in amazing décor and props to celebrate Dias De Los Muerto’s (Day Of The Dead) for the upcoming concert with the Villalobos Brothers. Attendees also went all out dressing up like dinosaurs or chiming in on the Halloween spirit, from face paint to over the top costumes, it was clearly a mixed celebration.

As the cue bells sounded, everyone grabbed last minute drinks and snacks and hurried to their assigned seats to gear up for the main event, “Jurassic Park”.  The credits started to roll, the audience roared with approval and we were on the edge of our seats, nail-biting from start to finish. Animated Conductor Constantine Kitsopoulos was fantastic, guiding the SF Symphony and taking the film beyond what I could have ever imagined, it was just visually and audibly stunning. The original breathtaking score was exhilarating in all its musical glory, composed by the great John Williams, one of America’s most accomplished and successful composers’ given high praises for both film and concert scoring.

It’s hard to believe that this film debuted 25 years ago in 1993 and still holds up as one of the greatest feature films of all time with award-winning special effects. Steven Spielberg, a genius in his own right, out did himself and received countless accolades, for creating what is the best dinosaur movie ever made. I’m sure if both Spielberg and Williams had been in the audience, they would have been blown away by this newfound experience with the SF Symphony playing along beautifully to every scene of their blockbuster masterpiece.

The SF Symphony brought new life to the film, creating magical moment after moment, excitement beyond excitement and taking old and new generations of fans on a wild and awe-struck ride through cinematic achievement at its best.  This was one of the best combinations of film and orchestral fusions that I have witnessed and by the legion of fans on their feet, stomping and cheering during the final credits and bows from the SF Symphony, this is one night that none of us will soon forget!  Wonderful on all counts…


For more info on the SF Symphony go to:  www.sfsymphony.org