FSHN Magazine presents Paris Couture Fashion Week Closing Party

Paris January 16th 2014: FSHN World Fashion Magazine annouced that they will be hosting a ‘Paris Couture Fashion Week Closing Party’ for designers and models taking part in Paris Couture Fashion Week 2014 in Paris.

Event Details:
FSHN COUTURE FASHION WEEK CLOSING PARTY with Cocktails and photo exhibition by Greg Alexander (Managing Director|FSHN Europe)

The event will also mark the release of FSHN Magazines ‘Winter Lover and Fashion Issue 2014’ . This issue features the best of winter fashion from around the world and showcases how different parts of the world has compeltely different climates at the same time. Winter in San Francisco means Spring in Seychelles. The magazine showcases 10 Editorials shots around the world along with Olympic Fashion featuring top Parisian Winter Olympic stars. The magazine also serves as a mega guide to wedding fashion for the fashionable brides around the world, as wedding season approaches.

This is a invite only event! RSVP Confirmations will be sent to invitees.