FSHN – 2016 Spring Fashion Issue

March brings Mars, God of War and Ruler of Aries to start the new season with great energy.

All life is eager to burst outside its shell. From the smallest seed to the largest mountain, the flow of growth has started, emerging with joy and hope. Colors are naturally vibrant and ready to burst forth from all the energy accumulated during the winter months.

It’s time to bring out a happier, more positive mindset. Illustrate your most colorful attitude in your choice of clothes, makeup, nails, and accessories. Black needs to rest in the closet for the next two seasons. Consider blue and gray as your base, they will work beautifully with any color combination and hue. My favorite is a mixture of blue and green to mimic the fresh sky.

Seasonal tip: Adding a touch of your eye color in a scarf, necklace or shirt trim near your face enhances your skin tone and will refresh up the glow of your skin. Nature gives us messages in our natural skin tones and eyes as to what hues complement best. Listen to the messages! Adapting this into your daily wardrobe can assure being well put together, thus feeling and looking great.

I wish you courage to march forthcoming out of the shell of winter, onto sunny and happy springtime adventures.

Much love,
Elisabeth Thieriot

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