FSHN – 2016 Menswear Issue

As winter is now a fading memory, our thoughts turn to being body conscious. It is part of the natural progression of the seasons. Perhaps surprising to some, men are not exempt from this. This is why we decided to publish a timely special edition of men’s fashion from around the world. Our cover reflects the trend the human eye is attracted to right now, and impressions to which the heart responds with action.

Much of the clothing that men need and like are both function oriented and romance alluring. Finding the perfect balance between the two can be as hard as finding the perfect partner. But do we give up? We never do…

I hope that in this issue you can find that element which will complete your wardrobe, or spark the newly acquired style with ease in function and your lifestyle. It is all out there and can be found with patience, focus, and intention to match your true personality. Be brave and bold to become who you are through clothing, and rest will follow. Enjoy the harmony between you and your image.

Much love,
Elisabeth Thieriot

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