Here we are in the height of spring which is the season of transition. Transition is always the one generating fear, avoided, postponed and full of uncertainty. This is why I want to dedicate this issue to what change means to us and what opportunity it brings along the side.

It can be looked at as having positive side effects after the pleasantries of going through change.

The ability to adapt and have an open mind will create new skills and new adventures. Simply begin your transitional wardrobe by combining winter and summer fabrics. You can also play with layering pieces of opposite textures, such as silk paired with leather or cotton as a base layer for wool. Next, slowly introduce lighter color pallets as the season progresses. Remember when transitioning from one season to the next layering is crucial.

Now you have your spring wardrobe to enjoy!

Challenge yourself to create new pairings for your closet every day. Learn new words, find new hobbies or pick a sport that you will enjoy during long summer days with your favorite people.

These daily changes will create new and richer experiences for the season. I love the spring challenge of excelling in life.

Much love,
Elisabeth Thieriot

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