In the midst of cold winter we long for summer in full bloom.

The time to heal and recharge has arrived. I suggest we spend more time outside absorbing the powerful summer light and breathing fresh air into our system.

Long summer days call for comfortable, airy attire. Finding fabrics with looser weave and softer thread give ease to our sun-kissed skin while light colors reflect the sun to keep us cool throughout the day. After a long winter, our feet are happy to see very little of shoes. The best choices are open-toed shoes with soft straps, which protect our feet as they begin to swell in the summer heat. A pair of flats is another fashionable option that gives our spine a rest from high heals.

Comfort, relaxation and balance between physical and mental activities are key to fully benefiting from the summer months. Arm yourself with a soft, washable summer wardrobe that is easty to take with you on new adventures.

We have many exciting summer essentials that will help you expand your horizons this season!

Much love,
Elisabeth Thieriot

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