March is the month of hoping for spring after enough snow days with little sun in between. Our imaginations turns to flowers we’ve now missed so much and brighter colors to lift our sprit. Ourthe eagerness for change climbs into is taking the driver seat now, and our best of creative flairre takesis taking center first stage in our closets to gain the chance for sxpression of our state of mind.

Combining winter and spring is not an easy task, heavy and dark with light and juicy. what works best is to layer dark over light to have the comfort of warmth and the sensefeeling of impending approaching spring close to ourthe skin. Or, choose another option by diving into the best of your winter clothes and wearing them out to say a happy goodbye uponwith the first sign of spring only ain few weeks ahead embrace the passage of time as passing opportunities and make the best of it, while you’re in it. Every moment can be used for creating memories – the choice is yours what they will be.

Love life and make it beautiful the best of your creative ways you can.

Much love,
Elisabeth Thieriot

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