This Summer Fun issue is about experiencing fun moments with flair of each moment being the last of the season!

Indeed, August is running away and we need to feel the summer heat, complete with your favorite outfits and sports. Go outside the box. Be spontaneous, but still be smart by keeping your values in check. This is the time to pull out the most expensive pieces of clothing of the season that you have been saving, and to wear them as much as possible. You will have new favorites next year for the new mood, as we evolve at all times- the wants change, and so do the trends.

All the white clothes for the day and night should be worn against the beautiful sun glowing on your complexion. Summer beats and naturally polished stones are perfect accessory of the month. For the man, all linens, and white jeans with colored shirts are best bet!

Swimwear should be used and enjoyed. Swim as much as possible- the skin will love water during those long summer days. This is how you create balance and never dehydrate.

Spend as much time outdoors as possible to harness the happy feeling, sunlight, heat, and vitamins in your body for the dark winter days.

Live life and make the best of it every day.

Much love,
Elisabeth Thieriot

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