French luxury label Christian Louboutin announces launch of bespoke embroideries service in San Francisco

San Francisco, 12th  June 2014

The exquisite art of fine embroideries and a deep appreciation for artisanship are integral parts of Christian Louboutin’s designs.  These values find a new outlet in the world of Louboutin with  a bespoke service which offers shoppers an opportunity to create a truly one-of-a-kind shoe, now available in the newly opened boutique in San Francisco.

Louboutin’s men’s boutiques in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco all share a very special element, the Tattoo Parlor, nestled among the handcrafted leather walls and the masculine décor of the space.  The concept was born from the designer’s admiration for the art of tattooing. Incorporated into shoe designs over the years, the embellishment has now evolved into a unique service which will be exclusively available in four boutiques across the world this February, allowing for customer’s own tattoos to be interpreted as fine embroideries on a pair of shoes, creating a unique and personalized pair.

Christian Louboutin explains the inspiration behind the service, “It started as an idea of a present for a friend, I made a pair of shoes for him embroidered with his tattoo. A lot of my friends have tattoos, I realised that it’s not only just a part of pop culture but a bit of a map on someone’s body which says something about people. A part of their life, like an armour or a crest. Instead of carrying someone else’s crest on a loafer, I thought it would be a modern armouries , your own crest on your own shoe. Instead of a classical made to measure bespoke shoe, which other men’s shoe brands do very well, this is my modern approach to bespoke.”

Clients are invited to discover the Tattoo Parlor during a private appointment with an in-house bespoke services expert, who will walk them through each step of the process.  Clients can choose from a range of fine men’s styles, from the sporty Louis sneaker to the elegant Henri loafer. The Nigel, a new style, is introduced exclusively for this service.

As part of the bespoke services, the client will choose from a selection of fabrications and diverse color palette.  At the heart of unique experience is a choice of three embroidery techniques which can be employed to bring personal tattoos, or one designed by Louboutin to life. Outline and Shine, is a technique which uses a black and silver thread whilst Color introduces the use of dynamic colored thread. The sophisticated Color and Relief uses a variety of vibrant colors of thread as well as fine bead work. Images of the customer tattoo and their bespoke combination of elements are received by the Louboutin studio in Paris to be interpreted into technical drawings detailing the placement for the shoe.

The final proposal is then sent to the client from Paris to ensure the drawings are true to the vision. Requiring three months form the day of order to the finished product, the shoes will have travelled through the expert hands of artisans in Italy and India before finally being received by new owners.

The service is also available for women, where a choice of four classic styles is offered. From the run- around-town Rollergirl flat and Louis sneaker to the elegant Belle Ankle boot and sky high Highness pump – together they cover a range of heel heights and styles satisfying the diverse tastes and preferences of the Louboutin woman.

About Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin was created in 1992 when Louboutin opened his first store at 19 Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Paris. The brand currently has 91 stores worldwide including a number of dedicated Men’s boutiques. A seminal volume entitled ‘Christian Louboutin’ charts the success of the company over the last two decades and is available now, published by Rizzoli. Recent collaborations with legendary Parisian Cabaret ‘Crazy Horse’ and the Walt Disney Company, along with special projects with those from the worlds of music, art and film typify the creative dexterity of the designer. A retrospective exhibition of his inventive designs was held in 2012 at London’s prestigious Design Museum  and more recently at the Design Exchange in Toronto, Canada.

A woman’s beauty has always been at the centre of Louboutin’s inspiration, and the Summer of 2014 will welcome Christian Louboutin Beauté.  

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