Forbes Style File Interview Jia Collection On One-of-a-kind Convertible Workwear

Smart fashion design evolves with lifestyle changes. Forbes Style File looks into how Jia Collection gives modern woman the luxury of options and dressing efficiency.

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 14, 2014

New York City designer Jia Li brings a new dimension to women’s professional wardrobes: modern reversible knitwear and clothing that seamlessly converts daytime office wear into evening cocktail wear.

Her Jia Collection has attracted the attention of busy women from Presidential appointees to Washington lobbyists to the stylist for the television show, Scandal, to corporate professionals whose jobs demand a full range of suitable, quick wardrobe changes.

Evolving lifestyle of modern women calls for fashion that is comfortable, stylish and versatile all at once. Few brands address this issue as comprehensively as Jia Collection has. Mostly recently on April 10th, Forbes Style File features Jia Collection and delves into the process and inspiration of her cutting-edge design methodology, giving a better understanding of why Jia designs the way she does, and how such designs are treasured by her fans, as evidenced in the press and testimonial section on Jia’s website. Jia Collection has been featured on InStyle, Elle, Travel+Leisure, Fitness, O Magazine among others and seen on celebrities such as Kerry Washington, Jennie Garth and Julia Ormond.

Jia says, “I want my designs to bring maximum value to customers in every possible way via a unique blend of design, quality, and price point. There are a lot of great fashion designs in terms of the silhouettes, but there is not enough attention paid to increasing the utility and function given to customers.” The 6-way Hayden coat that was featured on O Magazine was worn by luxury travel writer Leah Walker on her recent European trip to Munich, Switzerland, Austria, and Paris. Leah tells the story how the wore the coat long in the mountains and wore it short in the cities. In the same article, Leah also tells how other two reversible/convertible Jia Collection knit dresses were suitable for both dressy and casual occasions on her trips to Toronto and Hawaii.

South Florida Luxury Guide says about Jia Collection, “Reversible clothing is not a new concept, but until now it was difficult to find sophisticated and luxury designs with the power of transformation.”

Luxury can also be achieved in the utility and function of fashion. With Jia Collection, women are pampered by the luxury of options and efficiency. Having more options no longer equates to buying lots and a crowded closet, instead, it equates to buying less and owning fewer but edited versatile pieces, which makes daily dressing much more efficient. And there are at least 10 benefits of wearing convertible fashion designs.

Jia Collection focuses on modern, reversible/convertible women’s clothing that quickly and conveniently transitions from day to night or from one event to the next.

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