Fizz in the bath

Jane Inc.’s Pharmacie Soaks and Pharmacie Fizzies – therapeutic bath soaks and effervescent cubes that use the healing properties of plants and herbs to help soothe, heal, rejuvenate, restore and detoxify and more!

Pharmacie Soaks and Pharmacie Fizzies come in six all natural formulations:

· Calendula and Geranium

· Arnica and Rosemary

· Oatmeal and Lavender

· Comfrey and Grapefruit

· Bergamot and Roses

· Orange Blossom and Honey

They are made with sodium bicarbonate to soften the skin, citric acid to exfoliate and sea salt. Each bath soak and fizzie formulation contains a blend of essential oils and dried herbs that are chosen for their therapeutic healing properties.