Finding love during COVID isolation

Boston USA

During our unprecedented times of social isolation, our magazine editor decided to find answers to finding love.

We have choices of not looking for it, staying emotionally where we are and making best of it, but some feel top lonely not to look for love.

We went to the experts on lobe Constantine Tino Detrich to give us a way to navigate this unknown territory given no in person dating are some key question we asked and got surprising answers to them.

  1. FSHNHas finding love slowed down?

Ella recently did a survey on wellness this month showing:

  • Most people are either staying in the relationship they are in, or they are not finding someone new.  Our survey found that only 10% of respondents have met someone new.
  • 42% declared to not having met a new partner during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

2. FSHN-What Is the new way of connecting aside from online and introductions?

  • The impact on the way people date is immense. With the coronavirus keeping people indoors, singles aren’t just meeting online. They’re holding virtual dates over video chat services like Zoom and FaceTime. People in current relationships are also learning how to have a strong relationship apart and this experience is forcing many people to try out long-distance dating.   They’re also getting creative with dating out of necessity.
  • It’s not necessarily about the physical right now.  We are back to the old ways of long phone calls and getting to know each other more deeply than the surface level of modern dating before the shutdowns.  Communication skills and intelligence are going to matter more than “hotness” or beauty.

3. FSHN-New Rules of building thought intimacy with social distance.

  • We need to go back to writing letters, not necessarily on paper, but long letters sent one’s significant others to enable one to express their thoughts in a more meaningful way. 
  • The short texts take away a certain degree of romance and enable impulsive messaging that can result in misunderstandings.

4. FSHN-New ways of keeping intimacy stimulating for long term couples already.

  • People are getting used to the idea of virtual dating and relationships. I suspect this trend could carry over after the pandemic ends and create a shift in the dating habits not seen since online dating started.
  • Sex toys sales are booming during the pandemic as people are finding new ways to stimulate and become creative in their interaction.

5. FSHN-Tips on non reacting and responding to irritating situations for couples living together.

  • Take some time apart in different rooms or try to find alternatives for entertainment outside of being together (such work, talking to friends by zoom, music etc.)  With the close quarters’ contact, it’s important to build in time by yourself.  
  • Avoid overreacting when you respond to your partner.

6. FSHN-Tips on finding attraction again when boredom sets in.

  • Redefine attraction.
  • Remind yourself why you fell in love in the first place.
  • Recognize your fears and face them.
  • Improve the mental and emotional connection.
  • Do some thrill-seeking together.
  • Learn each other’s love languages.

7. FSHN-Kind acts that rekindle love-

  • Improving one’s sex life with their partner is one of the easiest ways to rekindle love in a relationship. 
  • Ella’s recent survey Over 60% of our respondents said they are looking to bring more excitement into their sex life. 
  • Ways to rekindle love by improving your sex life include:
    • Using aphrodisiacs  
    • Experimenting with sex toys
    • Utilizing sex furniture 
      • Swings and special pillows
    • Engaging in sexual wellness practices
      • There are sexual wellness books that outline:
  • Innovative Sex Positions
  • Foods to eat for increased sexual performance 
  • Kama Sutra techniques

8. FSHN-Space arrangements tips for personal space in a small apartment.

  • Each partner in the relationship should be able to claim at least 2 hours a day of alone time in the bedroom. 
  • Be conscious of lighting and furniture arrangements.  Feng Shui matters. A mirror on a wall can make a room seem a lot bigger.  Bad lighting can give you headaches.  Avoid clutter as your space is more important spending more time at home.

9. FSHN-How to share child-care responsibilities and keep love alive without fighting.

  • Scheduling is key:
    • Each parent should be able to have a designated amount of time blocked out, during which, responsibility for taking care of the kids falls on the other parent.
    • This time is sacred and should only be broken in emergencies.
  •  Dividing the mornings:  every parent should be entitled to two sleep-in days each week.

10. FSHN-Tips on the attitude that keeps couples close and their entertainment harmonized.

  • Ability to understand where your partner is coming from is key.
  • Everyone makes mistakes and it’s important that we allow our lovers to be human.
  • Be understanding and tolerant with your partner, be forgivable. 
  • Empathy, which means caring as much about your partner’s well-being as you care about your own, makes the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy one.

Ultimately the love is on the rise as partners take time to get to know each others values, morals likes and cultural expectations those building a stable foundation for relationship to grow and move into intimate state with respect and open heart and mind. This in term will offer greater chance as longevity of this connection and joy of each others company.

This idea of keeping up with Jones’s to show off who you are with or what do you have never lead to success at love. It is a game that leads to failure, as Detrich mention the song Escape Pina Colada.

To find authentic love you need to be authentic yourself.