Fashion Technology – The New Era of Fashion

Fashion and technology are an amazing and inevitable marriage! If you consider fashion and tech being related just by showing a new look on TV, for example, TV clothing commercials, then this alliance has been around us since long ago. Now, if you consider fashion technology a newly married couple then you may have an idea of what I intend to talk about.

Silicon Valley isn’t just tech minded brains. It has much more to explore and incorporate their creativity with the art of fashion. While the programmers are baking, the clothes’ designers are cooking their way up to combine their creations with what is invented out there and what it is convenient to the customer, what is tech wearable and what can be really useful.

Jackets that can be powered with a solar system which will have enough energy to carry all of your electronic devices without the need of a plug. From a backpack that keeps your lunch warm with a portable small screen with which you can watch the news while taking the train to work and all are powered by the integrated solar system. Yeah! This is what I’m talking about.

Under the high fashion designer’s eyes, these qualities are becoming more and more acceptable in the fashion world. It is very important to know about customer engagement to drive business, whether that be incorporating content with commerce, building partnerships with a brand with a similar mission, or being the first to conquer a platform. As much as data plays a major role in the business aspect, brands must also focus on relationships.

“Tech and Fashion, together, took over the runway to close out Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week, at the first forum in the Tents to discuss the future of fashion from a technology standpoint” – Decoded Fashion

THE fashion designer Alexander Wang is joining forces with Samsung to create a new print based on doodles, sketches and photographs that are being contributed via smartphone by some of the top names in fashion.

2012 has been an incredible year for the fashtech industry. Some might even call it a breakout year, with wide spread attention to it. From venture capitalists and holding companies to celebrities and brands manufactures, this year Fashion Tech promotes new designers with intention of innovation. One of the revelations for 2013 is “SHENOVA” – by Holly Renne. Shen= “Spirit” Nova = “Star”

The Shenova brand was born in 2011 when designer Holly Renee decided to make her passion for fashion official business. She has been designing clothing since the age of 13, and has since accumulated over 100 pounds of sketchbooks.

Shenova designs is inspired by the sense of balance in an unbalanced world about merging nature and technology into one harmonious entity. For the first time in humanity we have reached the point of being a giant connected intelligent web. And yet, never before have we felt so in need of direction and spirit in our society. We need young leaders (Spirit Stars) who will assume authority, show us the way, and take us where we need to go.

The Shenova Girl is this fearless leader. The designs combine modern vintage with function, natural images and the latest digital fabric printing technology. It incorporates elements of high and low fashion, urban and couture, vintage glamour, activewear, and eco fabrics all without sacrificing comfort. Each piece is made to order hand crafted in the one and only eclectic, inspirational, intellectual hub of the US, Berkeley,California.

The combination of this marriage is to reinvent San Francisco’s Fashion style and not try to bring the old world and maybe be set up for failure. This is a very exciting era for Fashion and what more San Francisco fashion industry could ask for. Fashion Tech week is around the corner and I am looking forward to seeing what the creators have to reveal now and in the near future in terms of sensational and practical wear? Stay tuned…