Fashion Guide For the End of Winter 2013

Perhaps you are missing the sunny summer days by now and the coziness of the spring. Not so much in San Francisco when the summer seems like winter and the winter like summer. I truly believe that our Bay Area is “the university of fashion”. If you know how to dress here and be prepared for whatever you will find Mr. Weather have for you that day, you can master your closet and you don’t even have to be a professional fashion stylist. The city itself will teach you! Well, you will need some guidance and that is why you are reading this amazing magazine.

Winter is here and it has come to stay in a very fashionable way, at least for a little more while. If you are recycling, it is time to whip out all your winter collection that you have been saving from last year in the back of your closet!

With that, please hold your horses and let’s take a look at what some of the hot fashions for the next winter and lets gather it all and be surprised with it is there. Is it going to be trendy like last year? Can we mix and match with what we have in the closet? Leather? Stripes? Plain? Boots? Hats? Scarfs?

Whatever the reason, I have seen more fall bright colors and layers on the runways than we usually do during this part of the fashion cycle. Military, demanding, boots, hats, plum, lilac, olive colors, orange, burgundy… Furry bags and faux, are all over the place in conservative and whimsical hues. Take an outing to your nearest fabric store and see what they offer, the longer the fur the better.

During the winter months, we all want to look our best, but it’s just so hard to bundle up and still look GREAT. The abundance of cold weather accessories – (hats, gloves, scarves) can be overwhelming, and bulky sweaters, coats and boots can leave you looking like a haphazard snow woman if you’re not careful. Keep it simple but tasteful.

If you are a Fashionista, “fashion lover”, and want to keep up with the season’s trend and are also a recycler, pay attention on what is going on in fashion and what you should wear for the following season. Fashion is like time travel, always getting from yesterday (past) to tomorrow (future). Forecasting trends ahead helps inform us of what to buy today. What will be seasonal, what will last, what will be catching our attention or inspiring our tastes hoping for many years to come.

My favorite designer from fall/winter collection 2013 is A.F Vandevorst. The Belgian couple really rock the runways! They put put a show which is just absolutely amazing collection which I believe if you have purchased any of their style you are probably wearing right now and will be more than happy to keep it in your closet for the next cycle. Colors were gray, black, forest green, bronze, burnished gold in knits, fur, silk, merino wool, nubby knits, velvet. What colors for the next fall/ winter season should I keep in my closet?

Large fedoras and scarves swaddled the neck, long leather gloves, ankle and over the knee black leather boots. Belts of various size, from skinny to wide are still on for the moment. Just enjoy it and do not get rid of it. This trend will be up with more vivid colors for 2013/ 2014 collection. Really can’t wait to see what is coming and what we will be able to save, mix and match to our own style. Stay tuned, I will to keep my eye opened for it and help guide you the best way I can and keep you informed to what is hot, always HOT!!