Emerald & Its Role in Fashion

The emerald is the stone of the goddess Venus, and has long been the symbol of hope. You see, Emerald, signifies renewal, blossoming, and change. Much of which spring brings us. But what role does it play on the runway and scattered about the streets? Emerald is a beautiful pigment that is rich in color, and is easily recognizable. Spring is upon us, and spring collections have already arrived. In those various collections of bold colors, and rich navy’s, is Emerald. Emerald was worn all over the runway, from light blouses, to jewelry.

Its role is simply really; its associated with nature. Various shades of green are so abundant in nature, that no two are the same. But Emerald is bold, multicolored, and striking. No wonder it was named Pantone color of the year. Yes, that’s right, color of the year! That’s huge, and that is another reason Emerald is trending besides spring.

Ways to wear Emerald:

Jewelry! Emerald has always created bold pieces that dangle around your neck, or glisten around your wrist. After all, Emerald is a stone. I love the idea of using raw, jagged cut stones with gold accents wrapped around your wrist. Its traditional, with a twist, because Emerald looks both beautiful rough, and polished.

Accessories! No, I’m not talking jewelry again. To tie up a look, sum it up with fifty shades of green pieces. Perhaps a Emerald leather belt, an Emerald and gold clutch, or maybe a Emerald green scarf over a white dress shirt. If you’re worrying about coordinating colors, emerald works very well with neutrals. Try pairing it with khaki’s, navy’s, grey’s, or perhaps black.

Chinos! I love chinos for spring. I believe they work well for both sexes. Try finding a dark green chino, or if you can find one, a Emerald chino. They are very bold, but if you make Emerald the emphasis, and do not over color your outfit, it will work wonderfully. Trust me!

Dresses! Yes, I said it. Dresses. Emerald is a traditional color often used elaborately in mid century gowns. But, be careful. Emerald dresses are extremely easy to overdue and over-saturate. A satin Emerald is an eyesore because of the sheen. So instead try Cotton’s, linens, or flat fabrics because they tend to wear the color better. When you do find a Emerald dress, try mixing other pieces with it. I believe black works with Emerald very well, and it’s a good contrast between the two colors.

Here’s what I recommend: search for that stone. Emerald is the color of the year, and is trending heavily. It doesn’t matter what you purchase in the color, as long as you’re sporting it. You know, I’ve even seen some beautifully colored iPhone cases. They work! I really like the idea of a dark Emerald sport coat for the ladies, and a Emerald dress shirt underneath a navy blazer for the boys. Get out there! There is treasure to be found.