Dress to feel better

Have you noticed that when you feel blue and down and attention to details just disappear from your focus? Before you know it, the same sweatshirt becomes your favorite to go outside and to sleep in. Then you do not feel like socializing saying it is too much effort to get together -even on Face Time of Zoom or Skype this days. Well this are very much the symptoms of a funk before depression set in and the world is collapsing on you- but just in your emotions and not in reality.

You may want to ask how did you get there before relationships fall apart at home and in business, then attitude will repel even those that love you dearly. If you saw this progress in your friend’s life or your own you probably can tell the steps thy or you took to get to this dare point in giving up on life.

Many, probably too many has turned to the prescription drugs to help elevating their emotions and feelings about life and themselves, but this only put them deeper in a cycle of dependency with mood and energy swings that further hindered normal life.

So, how do we find a way out of feeling not good enough, not successful enough not lovable enough and beautiful and youthful enough?

To find answers to this questions FSHN interviewed Taylor Draper who’s journey id an inspiration to those that want their life back in full beautiful bloom.

FSHN-How long ago and what was the catalyst of your change and realizing where your good life starts?

TD- Two years ago my marriage was falling apart, i did not like my business anymore and my attitude was hopeless in the face anything that demanded change of approach or action from me. The prospect of loosing it all especially my wife became more powerful that my resistance to life, i knew I had to change everything and had to start with me.

FSHN-what were your first steps you took in the new direction of your life?

TD-I took introspection quiz of my feelings and motivation and went to research their origin that told me how to replace them with and who I wanted to be. The study shows that results of feeling good about yourself comes from focused self care and attention to details. I found that putting effort in making my environment beautiful i wanted to be more that i was in this moment. I noticed how much my inner self elevated my satisfaction with present life in all aspects and my attitude invited more positive developments too. Kind of chain reaction of my attitude thoughts life and my expectation of events to good not bad.

FSHN- How did you implement the self-care on daily basis to keep the feel-good momentum going?

TD- I knew that prescription drugs are the answer but escape only so i started to elevate myself by dressing in a suit every day that made me fee confident and good enough to have good life and make good decisions. I took time to groom myself and invest in me as a worthy person of love and success. It worked and still does. My marriage is back to wonderful, my attitude is positive and enthusiastic that what i am now offering to other man can make life worth living for in every aspect of it- love, health, happiness and success. Yes you can have it all!

FSHN- your business now is all about the transition you went through, please tell all more about it?

TD- my previous business was Digital Marketing Corp, that was great until I outgrew it and then was pulling me down. I went through this complete transformation that thought me how to live in the moment and how every step and action we take matter to our happiness level, success level and stability of relationships in the family and outside. That is when Inherent Clothier was born.

I learn that a sloppy attitude delivers a sloppy life. focused caring kind, considered attitude with respect to all creates beautiful life filled with esthetics and harmony. on these principals, my business was build to offer not only suits that make a man feel and look elegant but provide ease of movement that most did not offer. This is super important as comfort to be active and functional will keep that suit on delivering the mood and emotion needed to elevate all aspects of everyday performance and results

FSHN- What do you believe are the key points you offer through the process of ordering the suits and wearing them.

TD-Our clients have very safe space to navigate their emotions when ordering the suits with a friendly cup of espresso, respectful and considered armed with patience tailors. I understand that when they come it is not just about the suit, it is about finding them self in life and the attainment of confidence needed to succeed not by force but by focus and perseverance. They come to go through transformation as i did and we are here to help them with any of possible blocks they may have to walk through life with strength and kindness. Here are some of them:

  1. Ways of investing in self appearance

2. Opening up and readiness for life to lift you up

3. Research tip on how to feel validated

4. How to plan to show up and talk not by paying expense of self empowerment in a wrong way

5. Providing a safe space for man to openup and share teir emotions and their feeling

6. Making sharing of emotions and feelings a normal way of expressing of strength – not weakness and the hiding of them as weakness. This is the new normal for man that can have love and success in all the right places.

FSHN- how did you arrive to this conclusions?

TD- through life experience of what works and what did not work. I learned that connecting internally is the source of empowerment and has focus of direction to take that brings lasting satisfaction and authentic from the heart not contrived from fear. that being self conscious of others opinion takes up too much from creating your own life and it is just an opinion of the moment. Most of them are just projecting anyway as part of self judgment, and probably not even real at all. Being focused on self creating and self responsibility is what creates inner peace, by being and doing your best at all times you cannot go wrong.

FSHN- how do you keep the flow of experience with you interesting to your clients?

TD- Through on going education and seasonal modifications of what we offer in fabrics, colors and cuts. here are highlights of them:

Inherent is trying to bring back the education of style, and elegance that has been lost in recent generations. Back in the 1920’s-1960’s it was very important for men to teach their sons how to dress and introduce them to the family tailor. Things like how wide your suit lapels should be, the length of a jacket, and how a suit should fit used to be common knowledge. 
Through our blogs and our in-store events, we’re trying to bring this back. As a brand promoting men’s mental health we want to provide a safe space both online and in-store for men to feel free to speak with one another, ask questions, and learn more about style. We want to curate an environment to encourage men to find their own style and feel confident about themselves. That’s why we created 4 very unique styles to help men identify with one, and open the door for them to make it their own. 

1. Timeless style –https://inherentclothier.com/inherent-styles/timeless-style/
2. Café style – https://inherentclothier.com/inherent-styles/cafe-style/
3. Vintage style – https://inherentclothier.com/inherent-styles/vintage-style/
4. Modernist style –  https://inherentclothier.com/inherent-styles/modernist-style/

FSHN- Do you follow seasonal trends of lifestyle as part of seasonal mood change?

Our quarterly themes: 
Inherent has a unique way to do collections. Instead of releasing multiple pieces per season like fast fashion brands do, we abide by 4 mental health themes per year and design 1 very special suit (and accompaniments) per quarter. This allows us to work with a multitude of non-profits diving further into these themes each quarter. We CO-host a stylized event each quarter with a non-profit to speak on what they specialize in. Each non-profit fits into our theme for the quarter. 

Our themes are as follows:
Spring – New beginning Summer – Togetherness Fall – Loss Winter – Healing 
Instead of doing a campaign around what our clothing will look like per quarter, we instead make our campaigns a mental health awareness campaigns with our call to actions just going to our site. So we can show people we are truly trying to help the cause and if they’re interested in the featured suit in the campaign it will be on the site. But not pushing product first.