DR.Mardirossian talks about sunscreen

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As we go into the summer month our interaction and exposure to the sun is our major concern. The message from top Facial Plastic Surgeon is very clear:

MD- Skin care is important at any age and many people don’t realize that the way they treat their skin during their late teens and 20s will have an effect on how it looks later on in life.

Wrinkles, sun spots and skin cancer don’t appear overnight, which is why it is crucial to take the best possible care of your skin during this time of your life.  Is using the right skin care products crucial?  Are quality products better than quantity?  Should you see a dermatologist in your 20s to prepare for your 50s? We have board certified dermatologists and facial experts in NYC, Boston, Palm Beach, FL and Springfield, MO available to answer these questions and can comment on how crucial it is for proper skin care in your 20s is important to look good in your 50s.

FSHN- How do you interact with the sun -Do you use sunscreen?

MD- since a young boy my exposure to the sun was built for resistance with time and not sudden overexposure. My mother would bring us into the strong Black Sea Sun at the beginning of summer season in June starting with 5 minutes the first day and then adding another five minutes to each day till we reached 30 minutes of exposure to the sun in one day. After that we were ready to play outside as much as we wanted, never using any sunscreen or other chemicals on our skin. By the end of two months in the sun we made point to stay less outside when the sun reach is strongest rays in the August month.

FSHN- When is the sun strongest to damage us?

Strangely enough that month of August is the month when most people plan their vacation and the Sun is strongest and most damaging to our skin.  We have watched as children living by the sea the coming summer visitors to expose their skin to the sun all day long for 10day vacation and getting burned to crisp by the ends of their vacation.  This is the perfect way to create damage.

FSHN- is too late to rebuild skin after 30?

The good news is that our skin is repaired and rebuild every night as we sleep from the nutrients we have provided our body with, during the day or in our nightly skin care regiment. So it is never too late to change habits and repair our skin with some help from inside and outside. The goal is to have resilient skin and to build this resilience with natural intelligence from natural plants in combination of our own smart behaviors that give the skin time to adapt to the environment of each season. We and our actions and decisions play major role in the skin we have.

Dr Vartan Mardirossian is an Assistant Professor of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology at the Florida Atlantic University and a consultant of Facial Plastic and Head and Neck Surgery at Jupiter Medical Center. He is double Board-certified in both Facial Plastic surgery and Head and Neck Surgery and has authored many studies on pivotal topics within the realm of Facial plastic surgery. He received his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Padua in Italy, where he graduated.

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