Disaster Proof Homes few know about

According to GreenGate Development owners, Thomas Neece and Nick Nikiforuk This homes life expectancy are beyond 1000 years. While maintenance is nominal and free of pests, dry rot, mold, leaks just to name a few. The indoor temperature is constant from the conduit of ground temperature through the foundation. Soundproof walls deliver unsurpassed privacy in a setting of hospitals, hotels, and offices. While rooftops can be used for a patio or garden.
What many have asked was the cost and time of building in comparison to traditional wood structure, and this is the answers I got:
The cost and time of the building of the concrete frame are about 5% less, the time of completion is depending on finishes chosen per each project. I ask how do you put a value on your life and safety being at home, were bullets and fires will not reach you?

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written by Elisabeth Thieriot