Dia de los Muertos at SF Symphony

photos Elisabeth Thieriot

If you ever wonder what to do on the day of the dead, you got your answer here- go and experience SF Symphony daytime event.

Families with their children in matching face paint characters are super impressive. The mini-me of parents feels empowered having the same look like grownups.

Costumes are innovative as the music performed by  Villalobos Brothers. Very talented family with voices and fast fingers on the instruments makes storytelling that much more fascinating. Departure from the classical atmosphere is yet another addition to the event taking place during the day to accommodate children.

Recreation of the day of the dead feeling with amazing costumes, masks, movements is memorable. The celebration of death is truly a celebration of life that departed us, A positive way too by reminiscent past that we shared with loved once to relived in the spirit of joy. Reminder we all matter in eternity.

It was no small task for Jacomo Bairos to bring us into the mood of that day with music by Bach Toccata Fuga and Fire dance by Falla. This two key composition among few others stood out to me as not so easy to conduct nor play in harmony.  Chosen musician are truly masters of their instruments to be able to change feeling speed and tones as they do with ease and lot of practice.

I left the event with joy that I spend the day of the dead with amazing music, respect for past lives and joy for tomorrow.

As I said before music gives us a gift of reset in our perspective on life.

I wish you all beautiful music in your life.