Desigual @ Barcelona Fashion Week


Desigual was born in 1984 and, since its inception, has been characterized by its distinct, optimistic and colorful designs. “Life is a blast” is the battle cry of the brand, an enthusiastic, inspiring, positive and optimistic slogan, a real statement of intent. Is the phrase that explains Desigual’s raison d’être, a way of thinking that is inevitably colored by the Mediterranean spirit, sun, light, passion and the will to live. A philosophy of life that is reflected in a way of dressing: fun, fresh and original.

Desigual always subscribe to a cheerful, playful and creative attitude. Confident, without fear of being oneself. Desigual do not create fashion, we create stirring garments. Clothing affects mood and for that reason Desigual designs are conceived to release endorphins, generate energy and put one in a good mood.

Desigual currently has 405 retail stores around the globe, is present in 11,000 multi-brand stores and 2,500 corners in department stores in 109 countries and a workforce of 4.200 people of 90 different nationalities. Last year (2013), Desigual sold more than 28 million garments through its various sales channels worldwide.

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