Dan Price Master of body Ink

written By Michael Glovacki

Dan Price: World’s Most Prized Tattoo Artist is Leaving his Permanent Mark on the Ink Industry

He might be a world-renowned tattoo artist with celebrity clients including athletes and musicians, but it is Dan Price’s passion for creating permanent and of course, unique artwork, that drove him to seek out his destiny.

After learning from famed fellow artists and working with Chris Nunez, Price’s tattoo tale was just getting started. Over the last few years, Price, who lives in Miami and founded The Lab Tattoo in Delaware, began travelling and has since gained a loyal fan base in countries around the world. Price has left his permanent paintings on clients in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Costa Rica. This ink master is also looking to make moves – and leave his mark – in the Maldives, Tulum, Iceland, Egypt and New Zealand in the near future.

Price, who has been creating his art for over a decade, always knew that he was destined to draw. He is now considered one of the most desirable international tattoo artists and is most known for working in the world of black and grey realism – let’s just say that Justin Bieber, Johnny Manziel, John Geiger and many more famous faces all have their own Price designed patterns!

While he can most often be found at The Lab Tattoo in Delaware due to its close proximity to New York, Baltimore and Philadelphia, Price also serves as a celebrity tattoo resident in other tattoo parlours due to his highly prized ink talents which always leave an indelible and lifelong mark.