The Fall/Winter CO|TE collection gets its inspiration from some archival shots of the 70s which show a young and hyper-feminine Isabella Rossellini with her mother, the beautiful Ingrid Bergman, with her unmistakable androgynous charm. Unaware protagonists of an authentic ante-litteram street style, the two women have been imprinted in the imagination of the designers, stimulating their creativity and vision.

This collection wants to bring to life the combination of styles embodied by these two actresses.
In an imaginary metropolitan street, the CO|TE woman walks with nonchalance, sure of her means, looking around and picking whatever tickles her fancy.

Stylistic choices imaged for a determined woman lead to a raid in the military theme. Garments of major impact are combined with denim, daily fabric very dear to the brand, embellished by precious details such as embroidery with crystals with their sparkling effect.

The lace is revisited with a contemporary touch, for instance in the case of the shirt and maxi shirt dress with ruches for an asymmetrical effect. On the more geometrical garments, it becomes a characterizing decorative element that enhances the natural femininity of those who wear it.

Even the prints play on the ambivalence between masculine and feminine: in the ‘Branch’ print, leaves create floral-like decorations in pastel tones, while the military print recalls typical elements from the male universe made in the dark green tones, creating a tartan effect combined with natural world themes.

Boules are another key theme: these bubbles with their Seventies inspiration give an effect of lightness or of fun materic character to the garments. The shirts acquire stability thanks to the maxi- sequins applications, while the skirt and the top in embroidered silk with maxi sequins polka dots and colorful lurex threads take on a sparkling effect. The polka dots are also key in the nightwear in textiles with maxi-polka-dots made of silver jersey.

The knitwear is used as if it were a fabric, for garments with a sporty inspiration. The male-female alternation also returns in the choices of styles.

A collection with a reasoned styling that harmonizes the contrasts and gives a more mild and contemporary touch to the whole: t-shirts worn as liners, overlays, unexpected combinations wink at a femininity made of apparent contradictions, for an unprecedented street style with couture echoes. A season bound to stand out thanks to its novelty and fresh experimentations: CO|TE is aiming at new creative horizons while staying true to its brand identity.

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