Cogito Classic & Cogito Pop—The Amazingly Chic Smartwatches by ConnecteDevice—Get Even Smarter with New Innovative Activity Feature

Not all smartwatches are created equal and Cogito Classic and Cogito POP, the smartwatches that combine the refinement of a classic timepiece with the cutting edge of today’s technology, are pioneering once again with the addition of its innovative Activity feature.

Revolutionizing the smartwatch industry, Cogito watches:
. streamline and sort important alerts,
. keep wearers free from constantly checking their phones,
. display callers and information on a classic watch face,
. answer or mute calls,
. remain water-resistant up to 10 ATM, and more…

And now they help wearers develop healthy and life-changing habits through the monitoring of daily activity. With the easy-to-use Activity Monitor, users gain the ability to:
. Track their steps,
. Track distance walked or run,
. Track total calories (including calories expended while resting),
. Track activity level (rest, light activity, very active),
. and receive inactivity reminders to remind them to move!

Plus, they can do this without the hassle of constantly carrying their phone. Perfect for every day hassle-free activity monitoring and keeping up-to-date with what’s going on at the office while at the beach, out to lunch, or taking a break from that phone!

Watches are available for purchase ($129.95 – $179.95) in the US on, Brookstone, Macy’s, Amazon, and more!