Cocktails to have with your BBQ during the summer

Whether you want to sip surfside or treat your guests at your next BBQ, Stirrings has the essentials you need to craft a refreshing cocktail.

Choose from their REAL ingredients mixers, rimmers, bar ingredients and more and toast to sunny skies ahead.

Either grab a mixer and just add alcohol for an instant delicious drink or get creative with the fun recipes on

Ideas include:

  • Mocktails
  • 5 Calorie Margarita
  • Peach Bellini
  • Mojito
  • And many more!

Stirrings make it easy to serve ready when you are thirst quenchers made with real juice and no artificial preservatives.  Get the stress-free party started with Stirrings.

Stirrings are available at Publix, Walmart, liquor stores such as Total Wines and more. The refreshing mixers can also be purchased on, Amazon, and