Written By Josh Horowitz

When coming to the SF Symphony for the music and you receive far more than expected, the totality of the experience multiplies.

The perfection of sound at the SF Symphony and adjusted carefully for each performance with sound panels on each side the seeling. Some performances they have dropped very low almost a flight of stairs long, other times they are practically absent. Yet each time the delivery of the performance is perfect. I wonder how few notice the care that goes on behind the scene to make sure that intended sound created by the musicians is delivered flawlessly.

This is what impressions I walked away thanks to perfect preparation by SF Symphony staff and their artists that I am sharing with you here:

  • The contortionist was spectacular. She smiled and had fun while doing spectacular physical feats. There were moments when she was balancing on one hand and then switched to balancing on another hand. The audience gasped.
  • The silk dancers were memorizing with strength and elegance. When they flew over the audience you heard the audience say “wow”.
  • The feats of strength from the muscle performers were impressive making it all look so easy till you attempt a try at the same.
  • The man painted in silver, looked like silver statues coming to life, making all with exaggerating movements showing what is actually possible for the human body to do.
  • The jester made us all laugh and brought out a silly side to an evening of elegance and wonder.
  • The symphony created a memorable experience for the families during holidays with festive well -known songs, such as music from Frozen, deck the halls, and Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker Suite.
  • When you chose to have added highlight to this Holiday Season I recommend spending an evening at SF Symphony.
  • Here is how you can get your tickets.