Charlie Le Mindu renews hair styling!

A portrait of the nutty hairdresser Charlie Le Mindu. With an interview.Charlie Le Mindu is as much at ease in a hair salon, as he is at an art gallery or by the side of Lady Gaga. His aim: to demystify and break the codes of hairdressing all whilst at the top, creating works of art on the head, presenting them across a fashion show as well as also giving a new definition of haute coiffure. Interview: Charlie Le Mindu: Haute hair dressing has many different dimensions, there is the quality of the hair, the way in which it’s done, the time it takes, and it’s a bit like haute couture but for a hair dresser. A wig would takes a minimum of two weeks of work, the quality must be incredible, I’m working more like a visual artist you could say, so it’s true that I’m trying to create more a new shape with the hair, rather than a wig. For me, my goal was to touch the celebrities and when they saw the hair dresser who is a bit crazy, that shows the wigs in rat and mouse or with natural hair, even in synthetic hair, because my budgets were small and I didn’t have sponsors at the start, I think that brought a tear to the eye for some celebrities or pop stars and so it started from that. And now it’s true that with Lady Gaga for example, there are huge teams behind her and I must work with all the team to create even just a small wig, or a bob, even to choose the colour, after how does I feel? It feels normal, for me it is the same like doing the hair of an older woman in the 8th arrondissement. In England, all my friends have understood, they don’t have to do anything they prefer to wear wigs even very classic ones, it’s just to have an incredible quality of hair, because the strength of taking out colour from the hair, or colouring, the hair can’t do anymore. I don’t want to shock, because I think it’s so annoying to shock but I want to just attract attention or I want to make people smile, I know some people hate my work, but that keeps me going, but for me I’m trying to make people smile.