Fashion design and jewelry and metal arts collaboration between Celine Sohrabian & Shuangning Sici Li was featured in the Academy of Art University 2016 Graduation Fashion Show.

Celine Sohrabian, B.F.A. Fashion Design, was born and raised in Los Angeles. Her concept for her collection was all about distortion of shape, obscurity, and a play on unconventional fabrics. Her collection was worked backwards. From draping and working on the form, she was able to play with misplacements of regular seams and openings to create obscure shapes. The collection is anything but conventional, with unexpected textiles like latex paired with metallic tweed, and designs that play with asymmetrical and oversized aspects. Celine was selected by Kate and Laura Mulleavy for a summer internship at Rodarte. Shuangning Sici Li, B.F.A. Jewelry & Metal Arts, was born and raised in Qingdao, China. For this collaborative collection with Sohrabian, Li created a jewelry collection entitled “Mushroom Circulation” and wanted to elicit a feeling of power with her designs. She used silver, resin and cement for the round shapes and a simple color scheme to compliment the clothing.

Photos Courtesy of Academy of Art University