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“Francesca Tolot is the most extraordinary makeup artist of our time. . . The images in this book speak volumes about the intimacy of the camera and the willingness of one woman to show all the many, exciting parts of herself.” —Beyoncé Knowles

Francesca Tolot is undeniably one of Hollywood’s best makeup artists. She was Elizabeth Taylor’s makeup artist for 20 years, and Helmut Newton used to request her personally for projects. Moreover, for over a decade, Francesca has not only been Beyonce’s personal makeup artist, but she also has longstanding relationships with superstars like Mila Kunis, Lily Colins, Cindy Crawford, and more… 

FSHN: How do you stay inspired?
FT: Life is my source of inspiration. Everything I see one way or another is my inspiration: a flower, a rock, a cloudy sky. Anything with color inspires me and that means everything – because black is a color too!

FSHN: I heard that you are working on your first beauty publication One Woman 100 Faces. What is the inspiration for the book? And who is included in the book? What is the book about? 
FT: Shot by my husband, One Woman 100 Faces, captures the emotional evolution and complexity of a woman’s personality. This book celebrates the dynamism of femininity for the last 20 years. Working with my muse Mitzi Martin, and after working with Mitzi for so long, it only made sense to compile the beautiful imagery into this artistic compilation. Embodying and intimately interpreting 100 different forms, moods, and identities—by turns innocent, graceful, feminine, raw, sexual, and mysterious—Mitzi’s appearance morphs completely, even magically, with every turn of the page.

FSHN: Everyone loves career advice. What’s the best piece of advice that was ever given to you in your career?
FT: I was actually never given any advice. I found my own path and learned from my own mistakes.

‘One Woman 100 Faces’ is available on amazon.com