Carrera y Carrera – Orquídeas Stunning Jewels of Extraordinary Beauty

The Orchid represents one of the most popular floral motifs in Manila shawls.

A symbol of nature and elegance, this flower is the main theme of this collection that forms part of the Seda Imperial Fine Jewelry line.

A love song rises from the orchid, conveying a message of seduction, sinuousness, and supreme beauty from the person who gifts it, as if it were poetry.

In the early 19th century, the aristocracy distinguished itself from the bourgeoisie by its particular preference for this flower as a symbol of higher social status.

The jewels are presented as if they were bouquets, with great volume, and sculpted with exquisite delicacy by the Carrera y Carrera master goldsmiths. Each piece is an orchid itself.

Priceless craftsmanship in gold where the mini-sculpture is the star of each piece created in yellow gold, diamonds, and ruby cabochons.

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