Carrera y Carrera: Garzas, Eternity and passion

The royal heron is the true star of this collection. A symbol of grace, this bird was a common decorative element in Manila shawls, adapting to the iconography liked by the women of the period. Embroidered with care with a historic beauty where craftsmanship and luxury were latent.

Announcing the arrival of Spring, the heron symbolizes a change of life and is a talisman to attract happiness and prosperity. According to the ancient art of Feng Shui, the image of a heron is used to ward off negative energy.

In Chinese culture, it is considered one of the most important birds, one that preserves its secrets, traditions, and customs.

The jewels present a pair of love-struck herons linked together in an embrace, wrapped around a prasiolite as if it were a pond and wanting to remain like that for the rest of their days.

Pieces full of great symbolism that emulate the contours of the shawl. Featuring openwork, lightweight, asymmetric, and crafted in great detail, the herons seem to dance in the pond. Jewels that allow one to fly to a world full of secrets and hidden passions.

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