A Mini Hair Collection

In the past, the carnival season lasted from Three Kings’ Day to Ash Wednesday. Folk is cool, carnival is a trend, tradition means going back to the roots. Spring favors the bold. Colors destroy myths. Styling is image. The city is waking up from winter sleep. Plaits, knots, crepe, cotton yarns, glitter – not kidding, that is our street carnival! #Woman, #Magistrate and #Turk are personification of the carnival procession.

Ash Wednesday
Extravagance is desirable. It emphasizes individuality, even in details. Color sprays will make your look different and daring.

Spring means to let female energy flow through your body. Blossoms and pastel colors can easily emphasize gentleness and delicateness that we women carry inside us.

Style is the law! Mystery favors the successful, and strength is once again in a detail. Don’t be afraid to shock by unusual accessories. Mix & match & play. #handmade #veil

If the city is a jungle, street is just a beginning. The beginning of your story in which you play your part. As you wish. Crepe can be a means to communicate to the surrounding world that you feel like being different today.

Photo: Lucie Kryštofová
MUA: Jana Darmovzalová
Styling: Anna Žáková
Supervision: Lucie Zelengorovová
Location: Bomton Florentinum