Cardboard Ecobags


According to Ana Yago, the current consumer looks for alternative ways of communication and ethic symbols that give them an identity
Valencia, 23 of september (2013)

A collection of cocktail handbags made of cardboard and 100% biodegradable is the last proposal by the Valencian designers Sanserif Creatius in order to introduce eco-consciousness into the fashion world. This project has been embodied in a collection of handbags with different shapes and sizes, both for men and for women –Glen or Glenda bags-, and with the premises of functionality and environment-friendliness, according to the designer and creative director of, Ana Yago.

Sustainability is increasingly being taken into account as much in clothes, architecture and product design, according to Ana Yago, who has also explained that the different artistic disciplines and sectors are gradually introducing the values that society demands and, in the last years, environmental and social values are growing in strength.

In such a context, with the incorporation of the Spanish citizen to the consumption of organic food, fair trade products, renewable energy, green building and natural products in general, it is the natural thing to introduce this tendency towards sustainability in the acquisition of fashion accessories.

Furthermore, we should also bear in mind that cotton, the main material used in the sector, has a very negative impact on the environment and the workers that grow and process it, being this the second most contaminating plantation in the world.

This is the reason why this project started with the search of an “unusual” material in the fashion sector, which “could also bring clear environmental values”, quoting Ana Yago, who has assured that cardboard more than meets this requirements, as it is a “100% biodegradable material, so it guarantees a very low ecologic impact, both during its manufacturing and its recycling”

In this vein, Ana Yago has stated that, nowadays, the market tends to make the consumers buy low-cost and perishable products, that is, “pieces and accessories that are not meant to last forever” since fashion and tastes “constantly change and evolve”

Industrial Prêt-a-porter

The collection Glen or Glenda has been developed with this philosophy, a project which aim is to “use basic industrial materials in fashion and prêt-a-porter by providing them with added values like sustainability, bearing in mind the purely aesthetic and practical functions”, according to the Valencian designer.

Furthermore, cardboard is a material that has been “misjudged and poorly regarded ” and which “possibilities have not been explored yet, what turned it into a challenge”, according to the Valencian creative. “If we get to convince people to use cardboard handbags, the next step will be introducing this material into other everyday areas, from the home sphere to the office, but with an innovative viewpoint”, has stated Yago.

The creative director of Sanserif Creatius has also pointed that the current consumer looks for alternative ways of communication and ethic symbols that give them an identity.

In this sense, Ana Yago has mentioned that current consumers tend to search for belongings and accessories that can be replaced with frequency “without this meaning a great expense”, as it can be demonstrated by the success of costume jewellery or the Asian multinationals, producers of furniture and products based on the “DYS”

In fact, the Valencian designer has assured that the future furniture will be made of perishable materials, easily malleable and, above all, environmentally friendly, main reason why the corrugated cardboard has an advantage.

* Sanserif Creatius “Glen or Glenda bags” pics added in Low-Res. Photo: ©