Can the Sun offer you a better night sleep and personality?

Many can question “What Sun has to do with it?”

Then let us look into the possibility that Sun is linked to your better sleep and better mood in the morning by simply delivering what the body needs to function according to the circadian cycle of the Sun and the Moon

The bright light of the Sun has been believed to be a villain of our existence for a couple of decades now and the entire SPF industry has been created to block it from us. But is this the truth when it comes to our body and the skin needed access to the sunlight that conducts and convert sunlight into vitamins that support our immune system and hormones that keep us happy and slim?

Let’s just say that our body relies on the sunlight to manufacture collagen, vitamin D and hormones that change like a domino effect for the good night sleep and wake us up with the positive attitude of motivation for the day. How is that for the role of the villain in our life? would want some of it now? Then you can have it.

The best time to get your 20-30 minutes of sunlight is in the afternoon. This sunlight does not burn and delivers most of what we need to get our circadian cycle satisfied as our skin in most dense and resilient to light pulling in all that it needs to program the sleep together with the eyes input of the light. For that put your sunglasses in our pocket, not on your nose.

You will find yourself happier, more patient more rested and energetic.

There are the sources to support this process by use of Replete Skincare and understanding of how it all works explained in the book Be Fabulous at Any Age.

Have fun becoming fabulous as this perfect rose, while you sleep.