California Fires are they lessons from nature?

Written by Elisabeth Thieriot


Many of us may recognize this image of terrifying clouds over Malibu in California posted on FB and circulated among millions of followers.  So many homes with content have been lost. So many dreams shattered. So many memorabilia destroyed leaving nothing to speak of our past or collections we so lovingly created over a lifetime.  So many lives have been taken and bodies burned to leave a permanent reminder that nature is powerful and prevails.


California Fires

California FiresThis year California fires started earlier than usual, but we know to expect them. It is only a matter of time when and where they show up, followed by heavy rain to wash all the debris left behind.

Yet, every year we are surprised by the rain, and every time we have chosen to rebuild homes made of wood structure- food for the fire, and we lose that house again.  Have we learned nothing from every year occurrence, or human nature resists change?

What if we could change things for the better by accepting what reoccurs and prepare for it not just by provisions but by building homes that do not feed the fire.  Maybe instead of harsh treatments of burns, we will carry Replete Intense Recovery oil in our pocket to sooth and subside the burns as they happen, when helping our friends putting out fires of homes that were made of wood hopefully for the last time.

Maybe it is time to change how we live and what we expect from nature.

Maybe we need to look for solutions that nature has for us if we look and pay attention. The good example is that not cutting trees down will create more moisture in the air keeping environment less likely to burn.  If we will cut more trees to replace burned homes now we will propel more fires to come our way because the air will be dry and the ground ready to burn.

The lumber industry has raised wood prices over 130% to benefit from fires that created demand for wood to rebuild homes, but will we benefit building wooden homes as much as they do?

Now we have more options.  Some are partially fire proof some are fireproof.  Structures that contain wooden eves leading to the roof will bring the fire under the roof and collapse it into space between fireproof walls.  Not too many builders will explain this when offering options.  As of last year, the Team of Green Gate developers realized this fault in fireproof construction and designed the first in the world concrete and steel roof entirely free of wood, making this home a true safe “FOREVER HOME”  to live in and own.

By respecting and understanding the nature, they were able to work with the natural progression of events and how elements of the wind, wood, and fire, propel one another.

When taking into the account all of the interaction of the natural elements that create and grow the fire, we can backtrack to different conditions to see available options for the desired outcome.  It is similar to taking another route on our driving app due to traffic and still arrive at the destination.

That is so cool to have options.

Some people do not want to take another route and sit in the traffic out of habit going certain way for the year to the same destination, before realizing it was silly not to go another way. Then they arrive and complain about traffic,  something they had the power to change but chose not to, they could have instead arrived joyfully and stress-free. It is similar to what we witness when homeowner rebuilds their home with wood after several fires in the same location.

At some point, we need to take a look at why we keep having the same problems. The fires will come back year after year, we must accept that, but the damage and size of the damage we can control to some degree one home at a time.

Just like not being able to stop the earthquake we now have a choice to retrofit our homes our build one that survives 10 Richter scale shake.  We are now able to use natural resources with material available to build with and use our intelligence and common sense to build safe homes for us and our environment.  All we need to do is let go of old beliefs and habits and adopt natures lessons into our practical choices to live by.

Another good example of beliefs that do not serve us anymore since we have new options is in the treatment of burns in the old fashion way.  It leaves behind permanent scars and missing pigment.  Yet this scars are no longer needed but continue to result from an ongoing long treatment of the painful scraping of the skin layers as a standard treatment for burns.

Nature has a secreted formula that not only relieves the pain almost on contact but restores the pigment and skin to its smooth state as before effortlessly in less time than traditional treatment.  But hospitals will not look at this in fear of change and lawsuits because they cannot believe that nature has its way to fix thing fast as the fast way to destroy it.  So, for now, the patients pay the price with consequences of scars in some instances limiting mobility, prolonged pain, and missing pigment.

Why can’t we as individuals make our own logical and practical and proactive choice?  But of course, we can as soon we get rid of the doubt.

The time has come for us to look into the future and decide what experience we are willing to repeat. To help you with this decision I am listing both websites to acquire needed knowledge before making a decision on a material to build your new home with or restore your skin from kitchen burns, sunburns or fires.  I wish that every firefighter had one bottle in his pocket to use or share with people and animals during his brave fight with flames.

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