Biohack update

During beautiful and chilly weekend in Beverly Hills the Biohacking conference too living to the next level.

All experts of many field agreed that sleep is the number one priority after breathing. The suggestion of using blue light blocking glasses was the ” do not disturb my sleep idea”- yet none had the answers how to create deep sleep in all of us.

There is a place were the natural secrets of our connection to the natural clock are revealed but I will first show you the top choices I want to share with you

of having good posture to prevent pain from misalignment and beds that offer the perfect place to get ultimate sleep benefits. I have used the Aline inserts and after two weeks my body returned to perfect alignment that MD told me it would never happen- well it did. My Chiropractor recorded changes every three days at first it was uncomfortable to loosen up the old way now I feel like a teenager running up the hills with my dogs and horse.

I apply the wisdom of circadian rhythm from the book Be Fabulous at Any age to have my brain program what is needed and my sleep has been restorative and healing for years, but having an alaigned body in superb bed takes repairs and sleep to another level of rejuvenation, good skin and sharp brain all day.

When you are ready to take steps needed during the day to have your brain programming rejuvenating deep sleep for repairs and detox during your sleep go to :

After all quality of life comes from knowing the shortcuts to getting results you wish for when you set your intentions and goals.

I wish you all to achieve your success with least amount of effort and detours in life.