Best of 2014 : The futuristic visions of the designers

The designers have already projected themselves into the future by offering innovative clothes and mises-en-scene for the fashion shows that are even more spectacular, through images, holograms and identical clones. Including interviews with Jean-Paul Gaultier, Philipp Plein and Iris van Herpen.The mises-en-scene of the shows always tells a story, realistic or fictional. But what surprised us most this year is the voyage to the future. Fashion looks forward and always hopes to be one step ahead. From the places with new curves like the Louis Vuitton Foundation, to the flat screens that take over the mise-en-scene. Those at Louis Vuitton almost sent shivers down our spines. The call from outer space was made clear, already seen with the success of the box office film Gravity The clothes take on a new lease of life, through the innovative materials and the surprising creations. Some clothes were crystallised, until asking the question of the relationship to the body and what is it means to be human, like this shocking mise-en-scene by the designer Iris van Herpen. As well as the changes that society and the entire world goes through today, fashion is also uncertain. Who are the new heroines that inspire the designers? Is it about science-fiction or is it the near future? Tomorrow will we all be clones or urban warriors, who are copies of each other, right up to being perfect replicates. Will the clothes be the only distinguishable and recognisable factor? Through their mise-en-scene, one thing is for certain; the designers are projecting us to think about the future and what’s ahead of us… Interviews: Jean-Paul Gaultier: The inspiration was Gravity, I’ve seen the movie Gravity and I’ve just thought this movie was so great that I’ve decided to do something about space and everything around it, of course the idea of weightlessness must appear on the fabrics but also on the shoes. Philipp Plein: We have something very special, we have a projection on twenty dresses, white dresses, so you saw the white girls, they’re going to walk out and we’re going to project on the dresses the patterns and the designs and it’s a movement, it’s a dress, which is changing constantly – the colour. Iris van Herpen: It gave me questions like do I own myself? Who am I? So the installation is really about showing an image where people are trying to find themselves again. Musique libre de droit / Bandit & Nikit