Berluti SS15 @ Paris Fashion Week: Men

Berluti- Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Paris (with interview)

Luxury & refinement at Berluti. You needed to be in the first row at Berluti to be able to admire the clothes and to appreciate the delicacy of the skins that were used, as well as the technical way the leather has been worked. It appears very light, and is treated like a second skin, with some trompe l’oeil effects. Alessandro Sartori takes as much care with the clothes as with the shoes, which are always the starting point of a Berluti collection. Hand-crafted works reveal that this house stands for the essence of luxury. The burnished colours all go together elegantly, such as the incredible shades of purple and green. Materials get blended together to produce refined and structured silhouettes. In the gardens of the famous school l’Ecole des Mines, the Berluti men seem at home


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